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                       Welcome to our WEEKLY COMING ATTRACTION

            The Science Corner recognizes that the Universe is "everything" in          outer space, with our Solar System as part of that Universe.  We now            feature  * VenusRail *, named for the mythical female goddess of love            and beauty, Aphrodite.    

             Welcome, again, to the Corner.  We hope you enjoy the irony of

       this anecdote.  

                                          Showtime:  Fridays @7pm 


                 Mantra:    . . . . and as the world turns, we are, at the very most,                                             tiny specks in the vast ocean of time and space



NiveK Voices


             *  Dream to Screen *  

Nan Schuler, Founder



    Playing this Week in the

          NiveK Theatre

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      The Science Corner


         * VenusRail * 





NiveK Productions, founded in 1995, was missioned with the mantra of leaving   audiences in enlightened thoughtful reflection

We premiered with our flagship "BOLD Spirit", a romance drama, inspired by true events, and later recognized at the famed Toronto 2014 WILDsound Writing Festival, and in 2017 as Thriller Feature Film Logline of the Year and best of the year to read, with an invitation for professionals to perform the best scene. Auteur/Founder Nan Schuler then followed with the sequel ensemble IF I BELIEVE ---LOVE IS EVERYTHING and FORBIDDEN💔.  Other works at our premier were a host of freelance writings - STORYSTONES BY AE - a collection of bedtime lullings for children and life quips for adults. 

Our avant-garde umbrella project, WEB MINI SERIES 2017 features outstanding intrepid creativity from our Mini Writers' Room on a mashable vanguard platform assembling episodic tales, relevant chronicles and substantive documentaries engaging our audience in a unique visionary audible experience, while making a distinctive contribution to storytelling and the information delivery movement. SERIES 2017 is hosted on our dedicated NiveK Channel in full screen and live at the NiveK Theatre - the launch platform of NiveK's narrated works.

MIDNIGHT WOODS©, debuted in the summer of 2018 as the first in our Mystery Collection on SERIES 2017 , and is an original "docuscript" twwisted mystery with a strong alignment to a real-life crime drama. Uniquely absent actors, it presents a hint of film noir, a taste of old Hollywood, and an ex-machina influence that vigorously piques the senses, together with an image system featuring substantive music and special effects coercing the subconscious to look beyond, on a far more expansive thought canvas. Viewers, using their astute senses and watchful eye for clues, are invited to be interactive and play the masterful role of "Sherlock" to solve the  many mysteries in our cliffhanger serial MIDNIGHT WOODS©, Season Four, "Where's the Money?"  has been delayed. We apologize for your inconvenience.

KOJI AND KAIKO, AFTER THE TSUNAMI, the 2018 heartwarming holiday special quartet for children - capturing the dreams, hearts and souls of Japanese twins, also featured on YoutubeKids, induces promise and hope, and alongside best friend Jonwyatt, despite their catastrophies and despair, the kids are a  favorite among our young viewers - and a testament to the resilence of young lives.

NIVEK NEWS, our exciting broadcast feature, was introduced in April 2019 as a weekly delivery of the latest creations at the studio, featuring among others, the newest coming enticements, and showcasing vital data and clues for viewers of our SERIES 2017 collections of both fiction and non-fiction comedies, tragedies, mysteries and documentaries.

WAYA, our  powerful 2019 holiday special documentary exposing the alarming and urgent state of the impending loss of wildlife due to oppression, aggression, greed and the encroachment and poisoning of their lands, water and air - leaving our planet in a state of fragility and imbalance -  sadly, a failure of humanity. WAYA pays homage to global wildlife and wilderness preservation and will be showcased in the future in the NiveK Theatre.

IF I BELIEVE... LOVE IS EVERYTHING, premiered in November 2020, is the prelude to the powerful and sobering "BOLD Spirit" rebirth, and timelessly reflects the dynamics of love between the world's peoples, from Greek mythology into the 21st century. "BOLD" has been archived, and LOVE LETTER , the true finale, has yet to be written by either of the two parties for whom BOLD Spirit tolls.

POPUPS 2022, our shortform verbiage/photo/voice/video and music for our Streamers On The Go highlighting impromptu quickies and quirkies filled with surprise, querie, delight, NiveK's mantra "thoughtful reflection" and showcasing our "Interlude Series" - moments of calm and "Dog...is God". Catch them all on Fridays, "Open Mic Nights"@ 7pm, in the NiveK Theatre. 

YELLOWSTONE - 150 years, by special request from an avid viewer, has been preserved in archival perpetuity and will be featured in the future in the NiveK Theatre.

BOLD Spirit's fictional closure was featured in a photo gallery as the arcane resolution to this true love story as profoundly envisioned and penned by its auteur in the original 1995-97 screenplay, and its musical narrative was showcased on December 31, 2022.  A near exact replica of the last scene in the meadow leaves a wonderment of mystery, still, surrounding Eamon Morgan and Avia Eliot, and the loss of love surounding them - as unfinished business, now in archival perpetuity.